Mon Amie Adèle on Netflix: What Should We Really Understand From The End?

If Mon Amie Adèle is a hit on Netflix, the end of the series is enough to turn our minds. Do you really understand the conclusion of the story? Watch out for spoilers.

It was released just a few weeks ago on Netflix, My friend Adele It is indeed one of the most watched series by French spectators! It must be said that its end – as controversial as it is spectacular – characterizes morale. If it could My friend Adele Are entitled to Season 2 on Netflix, It is important to prepare for it with a more in-depth explanation of the end of the story. The principle of astral travel is not necessarily easy to understand, and different scenes of flashbacks during episodes have obstacles to reading scenes. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through what you need to understand about the arousal conclusion. My friend Adele.

Mon Amie Adèle – Credit (s): Netflix

At the end of My friend Adele, Louise realizes that Adele (who is actually Rob) has the same talent as her: her soul can exit her body to walk wherever she wants. The young mother just hoped that Adele knew everything about her relationship with David from the start, and that she was definitely preparing for terrible revenge on them. Then Louise warns David about Adele’s gift, without telling him more about her personal travels. The psychiatrist then decided to tell the police everything, but Louise made a fatal mistake: she warned Adele. The latter, who knows how sensitive and sensitive Louise is, pretended to be suicidal. Of course, this was only a way to lure Louise into the burning house: She would never give up on David. Seeing the door closed, Louise then decided to leave her body via astral travel and saw Adele’s body completely numb by medication.

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Robert in Mon Amie Adèle
Robert in Mon Amie Adèle – Credit (s): Netflix

Meanwhile, Adele hurried to infiltrate Louise’s body, leaving Louise to die in her body envelope. To summarize what has happened so far: Adele’s soul is in Louise’s body and vice versa. Except that things aren’t as simple as they seem: flashback scenes reveal that this little transformation had already happened several years ago. Adèle (the real person suddenly) met Robert at a psychiatric hospital. They became very friends with the same gift: the ability to travel to the other world. One day, Rob suggested that Adele exchange the corpses, just for “testing.” She is sure that the latter accepted without realizing the terrible intentions her friend had towards her. Rob’s soul has captured Adele’s body and with the hands of a sweet young woman, Robert Adele is killed. So the new Adele decided to warn David of the young man’s death, and together they decide to throw Robert’s body (with Adele’s soul inside) into the forest. Of course, David didn’t know that Adele was no longer Adele.

My friend Adele
Mon Amie Adèle – Credit (s): Netflix

Since that day the relationship between David and his wife has changed drastically, which is understandable given that a troubled and unstable man was hiding in his girlfriend’s body. So the character Adele who is seen alongside David during most of the series has been inhabited since all this time by the spirit of Robert. In conclusion, Rob grabbed Adele’s body several years ago to live with David, but after seeing that the handsome man was losing interest in her, he decided to repeat the process with Louise.. We pity the most now is David. The latter thinks he’s got rid of his psychopathic woman and can finally enjoy his story with Louise, but he doesn’t know he’s still dealing with the same character totally crazy next to him … let’s hope Adam, Louise’s real son, alerts you to her mother’s strange behavior Netflix He decides to order new episodes. While waiting to find out more, discover all the questions we still ask ourselves My friend Adele.

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Credit: Netflix

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