Molsheim. At Espace Saint-Joseph, Gargarous drank with joy

The concert quintet La Gargarousse, on Friday evening, warmed the audience in the Espace Saint-Joseph hall. The formation made the spectators relive the party in a French bistro.

Today at 6:32 pm

The fun group of friends consists of Julian Leyendecker (vocals), Olivier Leyendecker (guitar, ukulele, stompbox), Paul Barbieri (vocals, trumpet, keyboard), Hubert Kiefer (accordion, guitar) and Jerome Spildner (drums). In a pub atmosphere, La Gargarousse opens the festival with La Gargarousse ball configured address. The atmosphere is set: the concert will be cheerful and will celebrate a little poetry of happiness and camaraderie, Sweet life Good French wine.

A delirious musical moment

The Promise. With the audience, around a verse or a drink, “La Garga” conveys the fulfillment of beautiful musical moments, presenting its songs with a joyful, exciting and colorful atmosphere. The concert quickly degenerates into a rave and then follows the original French hits, a diversion into Spain, absurd reinterpretations, irreverent diversions, wacky parodies, adaptations to different musical styles…

In the second part, the whole group set the audience on fire who, on several occasions, ended up standing up, clapping their hands and swaying on the spot, spurred on by the musicians’ enthusiasm.

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