MMA: “I’m going to turn you off” … Francis Nganuu and Jon Jones tease each other before a fight in the United States

Will MMA Fans Have a Caged Dream Fight? Maybe that’s what happens. Considered the two most dangerous men on the planet, Francis Ngannou, who is now a leader in the PFL (Professional Fighters League) and John Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion, met in Atlanta (USA) on Friday evening at PFL 5.

They faced each other at first with smiles on their faces, before the Cameroonian began the first confrontation of the Americans: “This fight must take place. I am here and you are there.” This teasing made the recent winner of Cyril Jean, the current holder of the world belt, laugh, who also responded with great humility under the cries Crowd: “You’ve always been the king. Since the day I started. And I will die as a king. We could have seen it already, but you left. »

After a friendly exchange with a common desire to see this fight see the light of day, Francis Ngannou told his evening opponent that he was going to “put it out”. But this clash may never happen. In fact, the Cameroonian, who wants to make a big fight in English boxing to challenge Tyson Fury, will start his adventure in the PFL in 2024, while Jon Jones will soon face Stipe Miocic, the former champion of this category.

Tyson Fury sees himself beating both

In a video posted on social networks, the world heavyweight boxing champion explained that he would easily defeat two MMA fighters in a fight: “What if I fight John Jones and Francis Nganu on the same night? That’s how much I value these losers,” Fury said. The two people involved shouldn’t be happy…

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