MLS had no draws and used insane “penalty kicks” to determine matches before David Beckham arrived

Sports in America comes with its own foolish and incomprehensible culture.

In a world without relegation, without real joy or sadness associated with the outcome, the same games often seem completely unknown to us British.


MLS is back this weekend and it looks a little more natural than it was in the ’90s

It’s a place where losing is easily comforted by a hot dog, and in some leagues it’s worth the bullshit because you’ll have the best draft pick next season.

However, there are some similarities. You can support whoever you want, like Manchester United’s club rules – singing is not common, as it is in the Emirates.

The sport is designed to entertain, rather than inspire, tribal passion. Other than that, a Seattle Sounders fan was shouting “kill and win.” He understands.

So when the NFL tried to introduce these guys to a game they didn’t like very much in 1996, regular football didn’t cut American mustard completely.

No, they must have invented something totally crazy. And so the shooting Boy.

Just like there is no crying in baseball, there can be no crying in soccer. With full-time scores, both teams will head to the halfway line for pure chaos.

Field player against the goalkeeper. 35 meters. Five seconds. To all the balls. It’s ice hockey, just without ice and hockey.

Before Sean Bartlett became a Charlton legend and beat Thierry Henry on the season goal, the South African striker played in the 1996 MLS inaugural season with Colorado Rapids – and personally experienced the madness.

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“It was a new league and there were different scenarios when it came to the game,” Bartlett told

Bartlett is best known for his days in Charlton, but he did spend a few years in the United States


Bartlett is best known for his days in Charlton, but he did spend a few years in the United States

They had to change a few things to get Americans interested. For example, there was never a draw. When the score is 1-1, we will take penalties, but not penalties.

“You start right outside the center circle, they’ll drop two cones and you’ll have five seconds to run head-on with the goalkeeper.”

“This is how the game will be decided. I found it very interesting and exciting, to be honest.

“When you have five seconds to run with the ball and beat the goalkeeper, I think this is where it gets most interesting.

It was the most exciting sport


It was the most exciting sport

“There were many different techniques to deal with it. Some would take a heavy first touch, kick the ten-yard ball and run after it.”

“Some were running with the ball at their feet. Some even picked up the ball and ran with it.

MLS looks a lot more familiar now, although it’s still a quirky retirement home for your favorite players since last year.

Draw and shoot are allowed naturally these days, while the ubiquitous David Beckham and his Inter Miami franchise show interest in this side of the pond.

Beckham helps unify MLS for us British

. -.

Beckham helps unify MLS for us British

Their season kicks off this Sunday against former Peaks Los Angeles Galaxy as America slowly continues its way into the mainstream of global football conversation.

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After a tough start and struggled financially, the Football League was the seventh most watched league in 2019, while attendance numbers are now third for the sport in the United States, after American football and baseball.

But we bet all you can think of is how you would handle one of these crazy shootings.

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