MLB Training Camp | Referee Tanya Millett will finally be able to go to Florida

SWITCH: A Quebec official who was going to Florida this week for an MLB training camp, but apparently being denied his visa, can finally pack his bags.

Jean Francois Teutonio

Jean Francois Teutonio

Last November, Tanya Millett received an MLB scholarship inviting her to participate in an internship at Wendelstedt Umpire School in Florida. This four-week camp started on January 2, but the MLB suspended Millett’s participation for mysterious reasons.

Article by Journalism So the narration of the story that was published on Saturday would have mobilized to solve the case.

“Earlier today, Major League Baseball’s file manager called Tania to offer her an apology as well as an explanation regarding the complicated situation of the past few days,” said Jean-Francois Arsinoe, president of the Quebec Regional Committee of Baseball Officials. And On the Federation website. Facing complex administrative procedures and attendant delays, Tanya’s US residence permit was hacked and the file forgotten on a tablet. ”

Training in Florida has already been underway since January 2, and Tanya Millett has been shown MLB’s Plan B: an invitation to an “advanced course” to develop the Minor League Baseball Umpire.

“Tania will be invited to the second stage of the assessment camp, which brings together the best candidates from the initial four-week camp,” Arsenault explains by email. The training will take place from January 31 to February 11.

A happy ending, then, for the young referee who is looking forward to a career.

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