MLB: The next season will start outside the United States

Major League Baseball’s 2024 schedule will begin with a two-game mini-series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres on March 20-21 in Seoul, it was announced Wednesday.

Thus, these will be the first matches of the season in history to be played in South Korea. Also, the last time the major leagues started a campaign outside of the United States was in 2019: that year, the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners met in Tokyo, Japan.

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“I never imagined getting the chance to represent the Padres and baseball in my home country,” said quarterback Ha Seung Kim, as reported by USA Today. I cannot express in words how happy I am to play in South Korea. It will be a special moment for me.”

Plus, plans for the circuit in Mexico City and London next year are on hold. In Mexico, the Houston Astros take on the Colorado Rockies on April 27-28, while in the UK, the New York Mets take on the Philadelphia Phillies on June 8-9. During training camps, the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays will face off March 9-10 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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