Missing invaders for WiiWare Title space can change if there is enough demand

We liked it Space Invaders se Wenger When it launched in 2008 for WiiWare, it gave it 8/10 stars. one of Space invaders’ More strange fallout, it displayed the reversal of the role that made us play invaders, and destroyed towns from a UFO. Unfortunately, there is currently no official way to play it since the Wii Shop channel closed, making it one of the many digital games only currently lost forever.

Talk to Wccftech about the Space invaders foreverYuichi Toyama, Taito’s game manager, was asked about the possibility of a re-release, to which he replied:

Space Invaders Get Even was a WiiWare exclusive title as the player took on the role of long-ago oppressed invaders and took revenge on humanity. This is another game we studied, and if we see enough demand we would like to be able to release it. The biggest issue with Get Even is the control method: The game is designed to run on a Wii Remote controller, so we need to find a solution to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. What do you think is the best way forward? We might be able to replicate the controls by making good use of the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen functionality.

Speaking more on the topic, Toyama is also discussing a hypothetical idea that could review Get Even’s formula. A game proposal where “55 players come together in formation” to conquer Earth, sounds like Battle Royale, although it also made clear that there was no real plan to release such a game.

While the Joy-Cons can be used in the same way as the Wii Remote – as proven Super Mario Galaxy at Three-dimensional stars – It doesn’t seem that difficult to overcome. Good to know, Get Even hasn’t been forgotten, but as a mysterious WiiWare game, finding that claim is another story.

Want to see Get Even again on Switch? Let’s know below.

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