misconduct | What is the most specific noun in sports: your answers

Once again, you amaze us with your imagination. Many excellent and delicious suggestions that complement the suggestions of our journalists. Here are some of your responses to our bad behavior this week.

A suggestion has been made many times, but many times:

It’s very contemporary, but there’s a tennis player named Tennys Sandgren!

Jean-Yves Desjardins

european reader Journalism, Some ideas for the column: Jeremy Bed, soccer player. Lesser known, Sebastian Crampon, is now ruling. In rugby, another very popular sport here, there was a very good player, Fabian Bellos (mostly with his nose in the grass), David Milley (half scrum), as well as player and then president Bernard Labassett, who did it. Does not keep the ball (pass it). In fencing, and still active, Lawrence Ibe. In Canada, Dylan Armstrong, with a strong arm, served as a shot putter. Always in the arms of big, Jack Armstrong, the bowler in the major tournaments in the 1990 years. In the high jump, how can we forget the legendary Javier Sotomayor, the eternal world champion. And in conclusion, my best one: Considering poker a sport, a guy named Chris Moneymaker, that’s not a nickname!


In the category of names dedicated to their sport… Jesse LaCourse! And she’s dominant too!


And what about Scott Speed, the racing driver for Toro Rosso in Formula 1. and Welsh golfer Tom Green. Near the house, we all remember who played with the Canadians in the ’70s: yes, Guy Lapointe.

Francois Lesage


Brayden Point

Guys, I forgot that gentleman (Bryden) point hockey!

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Daniel Reno

Don’t forget Etienne Desmarto, Olympic gold medalist (in St. Louis in 1904) in the… Hammer throw! A park that has its name in Rosemont.

Jean Simon Frenet

Henri Cochet, tennis player.

Daniel Arsenault

We could also have added Will Power in IndyCar.

Carl Cote

Photo by David Stockman, AFP

Arnaud Dimari

I think of cyclist Arnaud Demarie. You have to do it, have such a name on the starting line or when launching a breakaway.

Anne Marie Girard

Funny, this article, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to remind you that arguably the most defining name has to be Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. Bolt = lightning fast.

Lino Bramucci

Most Appreciated Name: Olympic fencer Sandra Sassin.

JF Simono

In 2005, Byrdie Kim won the women’s golf tournament at the US Open. Not bad as a predetermined name.

Mario Simard

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