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Sports journalists from Journalism I answer a question with pleasure, as well as with a little rudeness.

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Simon Olivier Lorang

Traveling to the US during the 2021-2022 season forced us to absorb a new reality: having to find a place to do a PCR test that could give us the result fast enough to fly back to Canada without any problem.

The challenge was especially great on the short trips. In light of the February 20, 2022 game for the Canadian, on Long Island, it was agreed, for various logistical reasons, that I would only sleep one night in New York. So the room to maneuver was minimal. My colleague Jean-Francois Chaumont, from Montreal JournalI found a clinic near our hotel in Queens ready to receive us. But what a clinic…

From the outside, the only indication of the medical service was the mention of “urgent care”; Moreover, the facade fits perfectly with that of its neighbors, a mattress shop and a convenience store. Inside, imagine a copy center under renovation. At the counter, the cotton-wool staff, surprised to receive visitors on Saturday at 5 p.m., paid tribute to their boss, a man in a white coat who arrived from the back room. The latter explained the procedure to us: we had to send him our personal information via text message and pay for the tests through a bank app unknown to us, otherwise cash.

So we crossed the street to the nearest ATM before nervously heading back to the clinic, each carrying $250 in our pockets—yes, express traveler tests cost a fortune. After paying for the tests, an employee inserted a swab into our noses and, after generously scraping what I suspect was my pancreas, told us we would have the results soon.

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In the middle of the night, a PDF was sent to me via the clinic’s Gmail address. This document, stamped with the New Jersey lab logo, confirmed a negative result, which I was able to submit to customs the next day before entering the country without further questions.

Were you really negative? Was my sample analyzed? We’ll never really know.

Alexander Pratt

It was January 2022. Quebec was swept by a tsunami of infection. Challenge: Avoid the virus, in order to be able to cover the Beijing Olympics. Easier said than done—especially when everyone in the house has an infection.

I isolated myself in a basement room for 12 days. He hits. Except I wasn’t at the end of my problems. There were still two weeks and three mandatory exams before departure. Colleagues from other media were withdrawing one by one. It felt like an open-air carrier in the game Warship.

Fortunately, I won this round. But the virus took its revenge on the week of the NHL draft in Montreal…

Clouds Lifrancois


The interior of an anonymous Irish pub

It’s very hard to beat a test that includes a COVID-19 test to get home from Tampa in the summer of 2021. Other than that, the Canadians’ “trip” to New York in December 2021, just before Christmas, will also stay in my pretty unforgettable memories. What. The Hab was scheduled to encounter the islanders, guards, and demons from December 20-23. I left the day before, Sunday the 19th. But then we’re in the middle of an Omicron wave, cases are exploding all over the place, and there’s three in the CH locker room. Smells like canceling…

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So I landed at La Guardia, and headed to the UBS Arena for a duel between the islanders and the Golden Knights in the afternoon. Halfway through the match, the news drops: CH’s flight has been cancelled. All in all to change the date of the return ticket, which will finally be the next day. By a fortunate coincidence, the obligation to submit a negative COVID-19 test resumes on December 21, two days later, so the management of this is already less. Barring Christmas approaching, family dinner plans remain uncertain. So I go to my hotel in Manhattan, in fear of the virus, so as not to bring it home.

My New York night is going to be all about finding the largest and least crowded restaurant possible, so I can sit in my own corner. So it ended up in the back of a longitudinal Irish pub. I continued my walk in the city, perhaps the most bleak of my life, wondering where this new wave would take us. Fortunately, life quietly returned to normal after two months …

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