Miranda Lambert records the national anthem for the sixth season of “Queer Eye”

Queer Eye is back for its sixth season on Netflix and this time with a new anthem.

Fans already know and love the Betty Who version of the original series’ theme song, “All Things,” and now they’re entitled to another song from another beloved star.

Miranda Lambert, originally from Texas, has produced a sweet country tune for the new season of the hit series, which is filmed in the Lone Star State. The Grammy Award winning artist wrote and recorded the song. “You mean everyone” Specifically for the success of Netflix, which returned to the streaming platform on Friday, December 31 for a new season.

“Y’all Means All” is now available! They asked me to write a song for queereye and I thought it was a great idea because I love the show,” Lambert wrote in Instagram Friday. “My little brother lukelambert sent me headlines and ‘You Mean Everyone’ was one of them. I wrote the song with my friends lukedick and shanemcanally. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing show that does so much good.”

Lambert’s catchy tone sounds like a sweet, fun ode to his homeland, but it also heralds the importance of including it in the lyrics message. Fans can peek at the song during the final credits of the season three episode titled “No More Bull.”

Karamo Brown, Anthony Borowski, Bobby Burke, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France in episode 602 of “Queer Eye”. Ilana Banish Linsman/Netflix

One YouTube fan commented, “As a gay and country music lover, it’s nice to know that someone is trying to merge two worlds into one to bring people together.” “Good job Miranda. “

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Another wrote: “Everything here is perfection. All we need in this world is his love, support, music and heart. She is killing it! You really want to say it all!”

The title track for “Queer Eye” was also renewed this season. At the top of the first episode, the main theme is replaced by the country version of the 2003 song.

The song is accompanied by music videos from the Fab Five including Jonathan Van Ness, Anthony Borowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Bobby Burke as they indulge in some good old Southern action. They each wear a pair of cowboy boots during the clips as they attempt a group dance and stand next to structures that look like something out of a Western movie.

As Season 6 of “Queer Eye” kicks off on the last day of 2021, fans have received a dose of self-esteem and positivity to end the year or start a new year with a fresh perspective. Previously toured in and around Atlanta and Kansas City, the Fab Five is a four-episode special in Tokyo, as well as a season in Philadelphia, which debuted in the summer of 2020.

This time, the Fab Five took to Texas to find their 10 new heroes to celebrate and tackle the transformation of mind, body, soul and home. This season, a whole new group of locals includes a transgender weightlifter, educator, restaurateur, and healthcare professional. In addition to their usual makeover, the group discusses the emotional repercussions of the pandemic on everyone, including this season’s champions.

After the past few years everyone has been through, this “Queer Eye” season is sure to be special.

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employment InstagramFrance qualified for the sixth season of their personal favorite season in the United States. Burke also joked in Official Season Trailer That one of the show’s highlights happens during the season, saying in a clip, “This is the biggest thing we’ve done on ‘Queer Eye.

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