Minneapolis | Police attacked journalists during a demonstration

(Brooklyn Center) Police arrested several journalists Friday in the suburbs of Minneapolis, USA, during demonstrations to protest the killing of Don Wright, a young black man who was killed by a white policeman on Sunday.

France Media

Nearly 500 people had gathered at the gates of the Brooklyn Police Station, about ten kilometers from Minneapolis, for the sixth consecutive evening of demonstrations after the death of Dawn Wright on Sunday, who was killed during a regular traffic control.

Also underway in this large city in the north of the United States the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former white police officer accused of killing George Floyd last year.

Shortly before the authorities imposed a 10 p.m. curfew in effect, the police ordered the crowd by loudspeaker to disperse before dozens of riot police officers were deployed.

PHOTO CHANDAN KHANNA, French press agency

Surrounding the protesters who remained there, the police then used pepper spray on several journalists who clearly identified themselves as such.

The press was also prevented from remaining in the trap system set up by the police to document the ongoing arrests.

To break out of this system, journalists have also been required to have their photos taken, along with their identity documents, by the Minnesota State Police.

After a complaint filed by several journalists and their union, the judge had earlier in the day issued a temporary restraining order against police at the Brooklyn Center.

According to the ruling, which was publicly posted, the police are thus prohibited “from arresting or threatening arrest.” […] Anyone they know or have reason to believe is a journalist. ”

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They are also prohibited from using physical force, as well as stun grenades, batons or even “chemical agents” such as pepper spray against journalists.

“After media comments, and given the recent (injunction), Minnesota State Police will no longer photograph journalists,” it responded Saturday in a statement to the Minnesota Operation Safety Network, a set of various orders for forces dealing with demonstrations around the Derek Chauvin trial.

The Minnesota State Police also alleges that it “provided its officers” with directions for the injunction issued on Friday, and that it also “provided them to other law enforcement agencies” present at the protests at the Brooklyn Center.

The US Press Freedom Tracker has denounced “at least 7 assaults and 3 arrests / arrests of journalists covering protests” since Sunday in the Brooklyn Center.

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