Minneapolis city to pay $ 27 million to George Floyd’s family

The city of Minneapolis will pay up to மில்லியன் 27 million for George Floyd’s family. It is important to remember that police culture does not change in an instant, and that even US President Joe Biden has no authority to change police practices. “, A journalist from Washington, Duplex, is inspired by French television Loic de la Mornez. “But above all, it is a sign of hope because it strikes the town halls in the portfolio and it will make a difference. For many years now, nearly 300 million euros a year has been spent by all the city’s halls in the country to resolve these cases of police misconduct. “, He continues.

In a country where police are largely exempt from all liability for this type of business, this amount of $ 27 million in compensation was negotiated out of court with the city of Minneapolis, which hired a police officer charged with murder. .

Civil rights activists hope this amount will be a lesson to municipalities. This is because, in the United States, a federal country, police officers rely on town halls for their recruitment and arrest procedures. So these role models may encourage cities to reform their policing.

The city also issued a public apology to the family awaiting criminal sentencing from a police officer charged with murder.


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