Minister resigns after accusations of harassment and “immoral” behavior

Exit – in particular, Sehin was a Conservative MP by email

He wasn’t in the full position yet and he’s already out. Gavin Williamson, Minister of State without Portfolio in the new government Rishi Sunakannounced his resignation. “As you know, there is an ongoing complaint procedure for messages you sent to a colleague,” he explained in a letter to the prime minister posted on Twitter. “Other accusations have been brought” and “became a distraction from the good work of this government,” he added, before announcing his resignation.

His resignation, the first in a new Conservative government formed two weeks ago, follows a spate of revelations of insulting and threatening letters he allegedly sent. In particular, he was going to email ex-“whip” (responsible for the discipline of Conservative MPs) Wendy Morton to complain about not being invited to Elizabeth II’s funeral. Others accuse him of harassment when he was at the Department of Defense and “immoral” behavior when he himself was a “whip.” According to his former deputy, Anne Melton, he was going to use the deputy’s financial difficulties as leverage.

Already fired twice

Anne Milton described her behavior as “immoral and immoral”, Ann Milton said on the channel (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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