Minecraft: 1 trillion views on YouTube

Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world, but it is more popular Looking at. YouTube has announced that the Minecraft Youtuber’s YouTube content has racked up 1 trillion views!

Featured Image: YouTube

What is a trillion? according to Wikipedia that it : The trillion is the natural integer equal to 1018 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) in the long range, i.e. a thousand billion or a billion billion, or even a million million million. So a trillion is equal to 1,000,0003, hence the term consists of a three and a million. One thousand trillion equals one trillion (1021).

In short, it’s many points of view.

For the occasion in addition to the video above, YouTube has prepared a web page with interactive graphics Which shows the history of the game on its platform and explains this amazing statistic that can be filtered by world region. We can also estimate how many Minecraft videos we’ve watched and see what percentage this represents in a trillion views. For example, 500 views represent 0.0000000005% of 1 trillion.

It is estimated that Minecraft has sold more than 200 million copies since its release in 2011. Since then, publisher Mojang has been purchased by Microsoft, which does not prevent the game from being available on almost all video game platforms, from PC to consoles, including In that mobile phone.

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