Millions of personal data in nature

A multi-gigabyte database has been discovered on the web, exposing millions of personal information from connected medical objects and devices.

once again data leak…this time it is a 16.71 GB database with 61 million entries. It was discovered by the site website It contains activity and health information from bracelets and Connected hours.

The team led by the researcher in cyber security Jeremiah Fowler determined that the database, placed online without any protection, came from GetHealth in New York. The company offers a service to synchronize health data from various Connected devices. The information provided relates to users located around the world.

Hardest hit are Fitbit and Apple users

The database contains a lot of sensitive information, including first and last name, nickname, date of birth, weight, height, gender and date of birth. In total, the data will come from hundreds of items, medical devices, and Applications from Fitness Different. After partial analysis, researchers determined that the victims mainly used Fitbit and . wristbands Healthkit d’Apple, which allows you to sync connected objects through your iPhone.

After contacting the WebsitePlanet team, GetHealth confirmed that it is the owner Database and safe access during the day. However, the researchers were unable to determine when the information was revealed, or whether anyone else had access to it. This once again confirms how vigilant you have to be with it Connected Objects and all the data they collect.

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