Millions of Americans threatened to be deported

If that happens, it will happen […] I do what I have to do to survive.

The ban on eviction for unpaid rent, which expires at midnight on Saturday, allowed a 27-year-old Louisiana resident who was unemployed due to illness to escape eviction last month.

So here she is threatened that she will end up on the street, claiming that she has already lived for most of 2020 in a car, with her husband and two children.

Mary Hunt, a medical vehicle operator in Michigan, suffers from Govt-19 and struggles to pay the rent for her motor home.

If I lose this shelter, then [mes cinq chats et mon chien] Come in the car with me. People may think I am crazy and I will never abandon my family.

A quote:On NPR Radio, Mary Hunt, medical vehicle driver

Several dramatic situations following three days of great political turmoil.

Officials elected by the House of Representatives on Friday failed to accept the extension, prompting the Biden administration to make some urgency on Thursday.

Since then, U.S. political leaders have won: Democrats are attacking Republicans who accuse President Joe Biden of lack of anticipation when pointing out the responsibility of the White House Supreme Court.

It is very disappointing that the Republicans in the House and Senate refused to work with usDemocrat Republican leader Nancy Pelosi condemned Friday evening.

What is President Biden’s solution? Criticize the court [suprême] Call Congress to fix it, Condemned Patrick McHenry, Republican Vice President of the Financial Services Commission of the House of Representatives.

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Holidays and deadlines

Elected representatives of the House of Representatives are now on leave until the end of August, and a week later the senators will continue, removing hopes of a speedy agreement.

Corey Bush, the Democratic representative for the state of Missouri, cannot resign himself to it. The elected man, who was homeless, spent the night on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., joined by other elected officials from the left of the Democratic camp.

We may have stretched [le moratoire] Yesterday, but some Democrats went on vacation. We slept in the Capitol last night asking them to come back and do their work, He said on Twitter on Saturday.

Cory Bush on the Capitol steps in Washington.

Photo: Reuters / Elizabeth Friends

CBPP, an independent research firm, estimates that more than 10 million people in the United States are lagging behind in paying their rent.

According to statistics conducted with 51 million tenants in early July, an estimated 3.6 million tenants are at risk of being evicted within two months.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a leading public health organization in the United States, suspended evictions in September 2020 and subsequently extended several times to combat the spread of Govt-19.

Help stuck in the bureaucracy

But the Supreme Court ruled in June that any further extensions should be decided by Congress.

To exacerbate the absurdity of the situation, due to complicated bureaucratic procedures, the money provided by the central government to help troubled tenants struggles to reach their bank accounts.

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Thus, of the $ 46 billion planned by the government, only $ 3 billion has reached their target, including $ 25 billion disbursed in early February.

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