Miller’s Zoo: After a TV series, a board game

After being fascinated by Quebec’s famous TV show ” A zoo like no other »Clifford Miller and Emily Ferland of Miller Zoo wanted to educate people more about their reality through their board game.

Our journalist met them at the Quebec Games and Games Fair where they had to present their co-op game. After more than a year of working with game and entertainment company Randolph, they have been able to enjoy their project.

As Clifford explains, they originally approached the company to create a test card game for their merchandise. However, Team Randolph has gone further by offering a full board game.

“That’s it, we were interested in contacting a company that makes toys and Randolph was one of our favorites. They said ‘okay, we can develop something more advanced than you had in mind.’ We never thought they would be interested in a quality product like this”Emily adds.

There was a lot of work and many meetings behind the project. The design team carefully followed the episodes of the series, came to the site and asked for photos of animal ambassadors. Thus, all the animals in the game are still alive in reality.

Moreover, Emily expresses herself by saying that “It’s unbelievable that the characters are us. The first times you see that, you say OK, let’s see we have a game like that”.

cooperative game

Increasingly popular cooperative games allow players to work together to achieve a common goal. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the animals. “It’s a day at the zoo. Table tour of the day. The concept is 1-2-3-4-5 class animals. When you are in 1, the animals are much easier, and you ask less. The goal is to manage all the animals in the zoo through play.” strategically »Clifford explains.

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For his partner, it is also useful to understand the truth about the zoo. “It all entails. Of course, we don’t see all the steps 100%, but it really does show an overview. That’s what people tell us. We follow you on TV, but it seems to lead to more understanding. So now what’s the fun, like young versus old.” age, they like the non-competitive concept.”

future prospects

The concept of the game is already attracting attention in other countries, including France and the United States. The two Beaucerons make no secret of their pride that the idea came from their zoo and Beauce. With a smile, Clifford says:“Maybe this is the next monopoly!”.

The game can be found directly at the Miller Zoo or in its online store, but also in stores specializing in toys and games. All proceeds that Clifford and Emily receive go directly to the zoo so they can continue their mission of education and rehabilitation.

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