“Miitopia”: keep crazy adventure

After appearing on Wii U and 3DS, the insane role-playing game in which you (and your family) are the protagonist, MythopiaAdapted by Nintendo for the Switch. The process of maintaining a somewhat unknown game in the catalog of the Japanese giant that we value and wish to continue.

Mythopia It is inhabited by Mii, those people who have taken our place on Nintendo consoles since the arrival of the Wii in 2006. The inhabitants of this wonderful world live in peace, until a bad guy steals their faces and glues them to monsters. Our Mi is responsible for freeing the faces of the poor villagers by defeating these monsters.

Where it gets even crazier is that you can assign a different Mii to each character in MythopiaFrom our adventurous companions to crook, including the princess of the castle. Does your dad, younger sister or grandmother have an account on your Switch? They are now part of the story.

Mythopia It plays like an inactive RPG. If each character can learn a ‘job’ (knight, mage, priest, etc.) it gives them specific skills on a method Final Fantasy, we can only control the actions of our avatar in turn.

In combat, the key to success lies in managing our team, such as putting a certain character into disarray, out of harm’s way or offering a banana to a weak person. And during break times, we focus on equipping each character well and forging friendships between our companions by sending them together to the beach, for example, thus unlocking useful rewards during the most difficult times.

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This is the new version of Mythopia Primarily aimed at those who haven’t tested the original version. The few novelties – we can now put on makeup and a wig for our allies, and the horse can now accompany us – have no consequences.

Therefore, it is unfortunate that Nintendo did not choose here also to publish its game on a platform larger than the Switch platform, smartphones, which is likely to have been a huge success. Mythopia It would lend itself well to very short gaming sessions (in the toilet, for example) and touch screens. We can imagine, on the other hand, that the Japanese company wouldn’t have managed to get a lot of people to pay close to $65 for a four-year-old game somewhere other than on its favorite console.

Here Nintendo has at least managed to maintain (almost) because it is one of the most unknown games in its catalog, as well as offer it to a wider audience. The Wii U was actually a fiasco, and the newest portable console, the 3DS, wasn’t for everyone. On the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, it’s an entirely different story.



Designed and published by Nintendo. Available for Nintendo Switch.

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