Midterm elections | The end of a campaign..the beginning of another

(New York) Americans already thought, the day after the November 8 poll, an unexpected outcome: the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

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Richard Hito

Richard Hito
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Six years later, the midterm elections could pave the way for a new presidential campaign for the former Republican president and raise the question of the political viability of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, if predictions of a red wave come true.

It could also turn into chaos, if the candidates refuse to accept defeat, as Donald Trump has already done. However, according to a statistic Washington PostNearly 300 Republican candidates have either denied or questioned the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Hence the tone echoed by many observers that the future of American democracy is being implemented on Tuesday. Notable fact: A large majority of Democratic and Republican voters agree that this democracy is indeed in danger, according to a recent poll. The New York Times. But they attribute the reason to the opposing party.

A message penned by Joe Biden and Donald Trump on their own in the final days of the campaign.

« Vous ne pouvez pas dire que vous êtes une démocratie ou que vous soutenez les principes démocratiques si vous dites : “La seule élection qui est juste est celle que je gagne” », a déclarate lara identé la agré campé le pré Monday evening.

His Republican predecessor, who held his last electoral meeting in Ohio, responded, “Every free and loving American must understand that the time has come to stand up against this growing tyranny of the left.”

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On Monday, it was rumored that he would announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election at this meeting. not fulfilled.

“I’m going to make a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15th at Mar-a-Lago,” Donald Trump said at the end of a speech on the River. “We do not want to ignore the importance of tomorrow.”

Pre-Voting Record

The midterm elections include 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 out of 100 seats in the Senate, and several positions of governor, attorney general, and secretary of state, among others.

More than 43 million voters have previously voted, a record number. Another record: $16.7 billion spent by independent candidates, parties and groups, unheard of during a non-presidential campaign.

After a long and turbulent campaign in which issues in favor of Republicans – the economy, inflation and crime – ended up pushing the Democrats’ favorite issues – abortion and democracy – into the background, it looks like Donald Trump’s party will change the political game in Washington.

Republicans only need a net gain of five seats to claim a majority in the House.

However, forecasters now expect a harvest of 20 seats and more, some in blue states like California, Oregon, Rhode Island and New York.

In the extended period of the election campaign, the odds of a Republican takeover of the Senate also increased. A net gain of just one seat would allow the old big party to control the agenda in the Senate of Congress during Joe Biden’s last two years in office.

Trump supporters

The most stringent Senate elections are held in the following states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

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In three of those states, Donald Trump has chosen or endorsed junior candidates — Hershel Walker in Georgia, Muhammed Oz in Pennsylvania, and Blake Masters in Arizona — whose outcomes will affect his political future. If the Republicans let their chances of seizing control of the Senate go to waste, he will be blamed in large part. On the other hand, he can brag if the opposite scenario happens.

Many elections for governor or secretary of state attract attention because of the role the winners will have to play in certifying the results of the 2024 presidential election. They are vying for these positions in several major states, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan.

Recent trips by Joe Biden and Donald Trump also illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.

Photo by Susan Walsh, Associated Press

President Joe Biden poses for a photo with Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland Wes Moore at a rally in the same state on Monday evening.

The Democratic president launched his campaign in the northern suburbs of New York on Sunday alongside Gov. Cathy Hochhol, who engaged in a tougher-than-expected race against Republican Representative Lee Zelden. In the 2018 midterm elections, American suburban voters, especially white women, played a critical role in the Democrats’ victory. This year, many of them seem to want to defect from the Republicans, particularly due to the high crime rates in major American cities.

For his part, Donald Trump was in Miami, long considered a Democratic stronghold. Nevertheless, Republicans have good hopes of continuing to gain ground among Hispanic voters in this city, as in many other American cities, from Las Vegas to Philadelphia through Phoenix.

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In the long run, this trend is perhaps more worrisome for Democrats than the shifting vote of suburban voters.

However, passing an electoral ruling allowing Republicans to gain about twenty seats in the House of Representatives and two or three seats in the Senate would be no exception. On the contrary, it would be rather ordinary.

Because voters are accustomed to punishing the president’s party during the midterm elections that followed his arrival in the White House. Moreover, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, to name a few, saw the opposition gain more than 40 House seats in their first or only midterm elections.

Indeed, Democrats can congratulate themselves on harm reduction. Especially if they could retain control of the Senate, it wouldn’t be easy.

But the weakness of congressional Republicans could have unprecedented and unpredictable consequences, particularly with regard to the ratification of the 2024 presidential election.

Such an outcome could also add to Democrats’ growing skepticism about the desirability of an eventual presidential campaign for Joe Biden. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama certainly won re-election after suffering a historic thaw during their first midterm elections.

But they were barely 50 when they began their second term. Joe Biden will celebrate his 80th birthdaye His birthday is on November 20.

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