Microsoft announces the availability of TypeScript version 5.1, highlighting changes since beta and a release candidate

Today, Microsoft is excited to announce the release of TypeScript 5.1! If you are not familiar with TypeScript yet, it is a language that builds on top of JavaScript by adding configurations called types. These types can describe certain details of your program and can be checked by TypeScript before compilation in order to catch possible typos, logical errors, and more. TypeScript also uses these types to provide editing tools such as code completion, refactoring, and so on. In fact, if you’re already writing JavaScript in editors like Visual Studio or VS Code, this experience is already supported by TypeScript!

To get started with TypeScript, you can get this by NuGetor more commonly via npm with the following command:

npm install -D typescript

What’s new since beta and RC?

from beta, We fixed some of our behavior regarding init hooks in designers, because the suggested behavior has been modified. We also have Changed emission behavior under isolated units, which ensures that script files are not rewritten in modules. This also means that using the API the blade It will also ensure that script files are not interpreted as modules, as it is assumed to useisolated units.

Since RC, we’ve iterated a bit in our built-in refactorings to move declarations to existing files; However, we think the implementation still needs some improvement. As a result, you may not be able to access it in most editors at the moment, and you may only be able to do so via Using a nightly version of TypeScript. We expect TypeScript 5.2 or a future TypeScript 5.1 patch to introduce this refactoring.

Separate type checking between JSX elements and JSX tag types

One of the weaknesses of TypeScript with JSX was its requirement on the type of each JSX element tag. This version of TypeScript allows the JSX libraries to more accurately describe what JSX components can return. For many, this concretely means that it will be possible to use it Asynchronous server components in React.

next steps

Our team is already working hard on TypeScript 5.2, and you can read the details in the file TypeScript 5.2 iteration plan. In addition to scheduled work items, this frequency plan defines target release dates that you can use for your own plans. The best way to play with what’s coming isTry a night version From TypeScript, and also to use the nightly version ofediting experience.

But don’t feel rushed to move on! We hope you enjoy TypeScript 5.1 and that this release makes coding fun.

Source: Microsoft

And you?

What do you think about it?

What do you think of the features this version of TypeScript provides?

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