Microplastic particles have been found for the first time in the lungs of living humans

The penetration of microplastics into the lungs was something unexpected for the researchers, given that the airways are very narrow.

Plastic particles at the bottom of the lungs

me’ingestion of plastic particles Unfortunately it is not uncommon. find it in tap waterAnd the tea bagsAnd the baby bottles Even by consumption Mussels. But microplastics not only enter the digestive tract, the lungs are also affected. During a study conducted at Castle Hill Hospital (England) by teams from the University of Hull and the College of Medicine at Hull York, the results of which were published in the journal. college ecologyThe research team analyzed the lungs of 13 patients. Among them, 11 of them had microplastics in their lungs.

In total, 39 microplastics were found in these 11 patients : 11 microplastics were detected in the lower parts of the lungs, 7 in the middle parts and 21 in the lower parts. The identification of plastic particles in the lower parts of the lungs is of particular concern Medicine has always considered that nothing but air can penetrate it, the pulmonary pathway is very narrow.

39 microplastics detected in the lungs of 11 patients – © iStock.

Microplastics in the lungs: many things used in daily life

The microplastics found are compatible with 12 different types: microplastics commonly found in packaging (shopping bags), bottles, clothing (especially nylon), ropes/threads, but also resins from road damage, paint, and tyres. Interesting fact: there were more “discoveries” in the lungs of men than women.

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In the past, microplastics were also present in people’s lung tissue, but no study has been able to prove their presence in the lungs with such certainty. This study also confirms the possibility of plastic particles penetrating the human body through the respiratory system.a phenomenon that is little studied today compared to oral ingestion of microplastics.

For the first time, a team of researchers has detected microplastic particles in the lungs of living people – © iStock.

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