Microïds announces a Goldorak license video game

It’s hard to deny that video games are so closely related to Japanese culture that we often see anime adaptations. However, it is indeed surprising to see an announcement of a video game based on the Goldorak license. Or rather the UFO Robot Grendizer if we refer to its original name.

Credit Images: Go Nakai / Toei Animation

Long live souls

Goldorak is a license that, among a handful of others, Japanese animation licenses began arriving in France in the early 1980s, long before the Club Dorothée era and their release of cream pie. So it’s a series marked by spirits, and surprisingly far more than it was in Japan. So surprisingly, this has never happened before, but publisher Microïds just announced the production of the UFO Robot Grendizer.

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If you want to know what we will be able to put a fulguro fist into, you still have to be patient, because there is no information about the game. We only know that it will be released on PC and on home consoles, without further details. The press release announces a game that will be loyal to the work of Go Nagai, the author of Goldorak, while offering the player an immersion in the story of “Brave, Fight and Betrayal”.

There is also a note from the author himself:

To be able to enjoy the adventures of Daisuke and Grendizer in a game with today’s technologies is a dream come true. I can’t wait to start this game.

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