Michael Yon American Sauce: Exporting His Presentation!

L’expression ”The best soups are made in old pots“ Totally logical when it came to Michael Yun, by dusting him off Morning LiveAfter twenty years of absence and was renamed Night and morningNaughty, he had a smooth nose. Its amplifier has already found resonance across the Atlantic as entertainment will soon be adapted to the United States.

It is the American entertainment program Spoke Studios, known among other things for productions Hell’s Kitchen With Gordon Ramsay, Real Housewives or American restorationWho bought the rights Night and morning. The American version will be called Big crazy game close R It will see two teams of celebrities compete against each other in a series of challenges.Foolish and irreverent. From karaoke where words have been changed to show offensive or disturbing videos without letting you laugh.Site explains Deadline before adding thatThe winning artist in each episode will get valuable airtime right after the show, while the losers will be punished in a fun way.

These successful French Games abroad

Michael Yeon, who can be found this Sunday in the TV movie Enfance volée on La Une, isn’t the only host who has seen his shows export. In this field, Olivier Maine ranks first on the podium. Boyar Castle It is one of the most relevant game offerings around the world. At least 31 countries have their version of the show, from Algeria to South Korea via Argentina, Sweden and Lebanon. Due to the difficulty of exporting the scene, adventurers from the latter go to Charente-Maritime to shoot themselves Boyar Castle.

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from his side, Everyone wants to take their place, a game The Nagui Lighthouse in France Télévisions, He lives his life in Japan in Spain, China or the United Kingdom (just to name a few)Hold on to your seat.

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