Michael Phelps, NBC Swimming Analyst

(Stamford) The radio said, Monday, that former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps will be part of the US network NBC’s swimming team for the Tokyo Olympics.

Phelps holds the records for most medals (28) and gold (23) won at the Olympics.

In 2016 at the Rio de Janeiro Games, he won five gold and one silver. He also played the role of flag bearer for the American delegation.

Phelps competed in five Olympics in his career, between 2000 and 2016.

He will comment on some swimming events alongside Dan Hicks and Rudy Gaines, in addition to his work as a prime-time reporter.

This wouldn’t be his first experience in front of the camera, as he appeared on coverage of NBC’s Olympic Swimming Trials last month.

“I know it can give us an interesting perspective on the broadcast, especially for the events in which he won so many gold medals,” Gaines said during a conference call.

A three-part documentary about Phelps’ career is currently available on NBC Peacock, the live broadcast platform for the official broadcaster of the Tokyo Games in the United States.

Swimming competitions will begin on July 24 in Tokyo, the day after the games open.

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