Miami Championship | Iga Swiatek defeats Naomi Osaka

(Miami) The coach is Iga Swiatek: The Poles took over her world No. 1 position, even before it became official on Monday, by winning the Miami Championship, 6-4, 6-0 against Naomi Osaka, who is back at the top, after a psychologically difficult year.

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Many could have made up for her, but not her. Already winning the first two WTA 1000 champions of the season, in Doha and then in Indian Wells, Swiatek underlined his ascension to the throne, capitalizing on the unexpected retirement of Australian Ashleigh Barty, on the contrary carrying him tenfold increased energy and confidence in Florida.

The 20-year-old, who has managed to “double the Sunshine” (IW/Miami duo), as Steffi Graff, Kim Clijsters and Victoria Azarenka before her, also happens to be the youngest of the four.

Her victory at Roland Garros in 2020, revealed that the Pole is living an almost perfect first quarter from 2022. Following his loss in the semi-finals at the Australian Open, then 8And the Globally, he rose to the tops of the ring in two months, propelled by an unbroken streak of 17 victories.

Even if she doesn’t keep all her promises, the latter promises to be exciting. Because facing Swatek, Naomi Osaka, who preceded her on the world throne, when she seemed untouchable, stood strong with four Grand Slam titles (US Open 2018, 2020, Australian Open 2019, 2021), before dropping to 77.And the Square.


However, the surprise return of the Japanese seemed almost unexpected, given the dark period in recent months, when it was more about tears on the courts than tennis.


Naomi Osaka

“When I saw you win all those matches, I never imagined at the time that I would play such an important match against you. You are an inspiration and sport is better off with you,” praised Swiatek, who also invited Ukraine, a neighboring country to him in his fight against the Russian invasion, To “stay strong”.

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In the heart of Hard Rock Stadium, the Polish Guns N’Roses fan has been feeling energized for the past 10 days, knocking out all her opponents in two sets. Osaka, who grew up nearby in Fort Lauderdale, was also a bit at home, laden with a conducive environment and a 2019 win anniversary during their first meeting.

But at the time Swiatek wasn’t a hero yet. The Poles must provide the brilliant proof of their current dominance.

Once dominating the exchanges, she put pressure on Osaka who struggled to hold on to her first match after 11 minutes. So she tightened the gallows even more, and broke the next loop, after placing one of her strong cross weapons. Then she put the sleeve in her pocket without worrying.

end of the tunnel


Iga Swiatek

Swiatek did not leave a single breaking point for her rival. In steam mode, she restricted winning shots and nearly empty games, ending with a “doughnut” that came to punish Osaka’s lack of combat in the second act.

For the Japanese, this Florida road allows them to see the end of the tunnel.

“I want to thank my team, who pushed me forward after what happened two weeks ago. This is not the desired result, but the fact of being in a final again. [la première depuis les Internationaux d’Australie remportés en 2021] “It means a lot to me,” Osaka said.

In Indian Wells, a new moment of distress had already passed as she eliminated at 2And the Turn around, after a verbal provocation from the stands (“Yes, you’re nasty!”).

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Then the question arose again about her future in professional tennis, for those who, at the time of Roland Garros in 2021, were captivated by anxiety for several years.

Other bouts of tears occurred, notably at the US Open, at a press conference, after his sudden elimination at 3And the Round against Canadian Laila Fernandez.

For two weeks, Osaka has been working with a therapist, and I was captivated by the first benefits. It happened in Miami.

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