Mexico | After a seven-month presidency, the first Biden ambassador confirmed

(Washington) The US Senate on Wednesday confirmed the appointment of Joe Biden’s first ambassador to a foreign capital, almost seven months after the White House leader arrived without most of his ambassadors. .

On the night of a marathon vote, the senators unanimously approved the confirmation of Ken Salazar, 66, as US ambassador to Mexico.

His commitment to the stalemate triggered by Ted Cruz, a former Conservative presidential candidate and fierce critic of the president, is a rare exception.

So far the senator has used a number of parliamentary tactics to prevent the confirmation of appointments made by US diplomacy under the Fiden administration.

Only from Tuesday to Wednesday, the former senator, who is known for good relations in Congress, Mr. With the exception of Salazar, he opposed more than 20 plans to unanimously confirm.

Ted Cruz is doing so in protest of the Democrats’ decision in the spring to drop restrictions on the construction of the controversial North Stream 2 gas pipeline that connects Germany to Russia.

The United States, like many European countries, vehemently opposes the plan, which is almost complete because it passes through the Baltic Sea and no longer passes through Ukraine. This threatens Kiev to lose a portion of the revenue collected from gas smuggling, which is essential for the country, but also a means of putting pressure on Moscow against possible Russian occupation of the region.

Joe Biden shared these concerns but realized that it was too late to impose sanctions in the spring and that it would be better to cooperate with Germany – in favor of the North Stream 2. Vladimir Putin accused Ted Cruz of giving him such a “gift”.

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In early August, US diplomat Anthony Blinken lamented that more than 65 candidates nominated by his state department were still awaiting confirmation of “positions essential to national security.”

He hoped most would be confirmed before the Senate leaves the House, but the session was finally adjourned until Wednesday, September 13.

The upper house has the power to approve or reject most presidential appointments. In February he approved the formation of Joe Biden’s cabinet, including his UN ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

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