Messi with Argentina against Honduras

‘La Pulga’ (the chip) is not far from that, Inter Miami player, David Beckham’s MLS club would like to lure him to Florida after his Paris Saint-Germain adventure, but if he becomes one someday, he will know the enthusiasm will not be pretended to see him play . It must be said that in a hard rock stadium filled with 64,420 spectators as vibrant as in Buenos Aires, Messi made sure to give them their money’s worth, as he was in all the good shots for Albicelestewho is now unbeaten in 34 matches, won without striking an eyelid and could even make the addition more salty for Honduras.

His uncontrolled arm is twenty meters away from the opposite cagesafter being intercepted by Enzo Fernandez who had just played, He was an inspiration, ease and technical mastery, for the third goal of his team (69), then the dominant. His 88 achievements in 163 selections. Earlier, just before the break, as a good leader, He calmly scored the penalty 2-0took the guard the wrong way (45 + 2), to kill any semblance of suspense.

close to the trio

It was a wise start in front of the defense in the 16th minute that found Papu Gomez on the left side who sent a cross to Lautaro Martinez in the opening match. After what, Messi was the target of a violent and illegal kick on the shoulder by Debbie Flores, warned by the referee (20). Which led to an additional clash among others in this particularly tense first act. The Argentine N.10 could have added one or two goals to his tallyIf he does not miss his recovery from balancing in the area, or if he passes the ball over his left foot after being deflected by a defender (44), or if his strong recovery is not removed at the entrance to the surface (56).

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It was believed that he scored a hat-trick in the 85th minute, grabbing the ball in an acrobatic manner in the area, but narrowly missed the goal. With such excellent performance, Messi confirmed that he is having a good timeAn interview with the Paris Saint-Germain team since the beginning of the season, whether in the French championship or in the Champions League. Enough to preserve the dreams of glory of Argentina fans two months before the World Cup in QatarTheir team will face Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland in Group C. Until then, the Argentines will play another warm-up game against Jamaica on Tuesday in Harrison, New Jersey.

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