men’s baseball | Canada fails to qualify for Tokyo

The Canadian men’s baseball team failed to advance to the Tokyo Olympics after losing 6-5 to the Dominican Republic on Saturday.

Canadian Press

Despite Daniel Pinheiro’s three home performance against the Dominicans, Canada finished the qualifying round with a 0-3 record. Maple Leaf representatives finished fourth.

The best team in the qualifying round will receive the Tokyo Olympics ticket. The teams ranked second and third will qualify for a final chance in the qualifying tournament.

The United States leads the standings with a score of 2-0, before playing its match against Venezuela (1-1) later on Saturday. The Dominican Republic finished the qualifying round with a score of 2-1.

Canada led 5-4 after Pinero hit his third long ball of the day, early in the eighth inning. But the Dominicans hit back with two points when they returned to the racket thanks to fruitful singles from Gustavo Nunez and Julio Rodriguez.

Jose Diaz scored the victory for the Dominican Republic, while Jairo Asensio scored the goal. Scott Matheson hit backhand for Canada.

The Canadians took a 3-0 lead in the first half after one game from Conor Banas and Homer from Pinheiro.

The Dominican Republic scored one game in Group Two and two in Group C. Then Charlie Valerio landed a long ball solo in the fifth.

Pinheiro tied the match in the sixth half before adding a four-goal kick in the eighth.

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