Meng Wanjo case: Defense calls on America to be honest

Responding to the Attorney General of Canada’s arguments, earlier this week, attorney Frank Adario told the court that Ms Meng’s legal team goes beyond lightly questioning the actions of the states – United.

According to the prosecutor, Meng Wanzhou was the victim of abuse when the US government withdrew evidence and withheld other information to establish a fraud case.

For his part, the attorney general told the court that the United States has standards instead very high And his used Wisdom In that proof to give when submitting the deportation request to Canada.

Deputy Chief Justice Heather Holmes decided to adjourn the hearing to Friday. So the arguments will continue when it resumes on Monday.

These arguments are expected to be the last arguments of defense lawyers regarding misconduct before the start of investigations into the planned imprisonment or extradition of the businessman later this month.

Meng Wanjo and Chinese technology company deny fraud, False allegations to HSBC Bank about Hawaii’s relationship with the company SkycomThis would put HSBC at risk of violating Washington’s sanctions against Tehran.

Meng Wanchow’s presentation to HSBC said that Washington was aware and compliant with the sanctions and suggested the wrong distance between Huawei and Tech. Skycom.

Meanwhile, defense attorneys argued, the United States selected the information and failed to include slides of the presentation describing Hawaii as having a relationship. Normal and controllable With the company Skycom.

In July, Judge Heather Holmes dismissed the new evidence obtained by the defense. These documents, obtained through a legal agreement with HSBC Bank, include internal email chains and spreadsheets.

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Documents released to the media earlier this week indicate the United States Cheats again They also misinterpreted the evidence, except for some information, in order to establish a fraud case.

Huawei’s chief financial officer was arrested at Vancouver Airport in December 2018 at the request of Washington and is on probation at one of his homes in a convenient area of ​​the metropolis.

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