Meng Wanjo calls himself a “soldier” in the conflict between Washington and Beijing

On Wednesday, Meng Wanshou, a lawyer for Hawaii’s chief financial officer, accused Donald Trump of making his client a “soldier” in the trade war between the United States and China.

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Meng Wanshou, 49, who is fighting in Canada against being extradited to the United States, has been accused by Washington of violating US sanctions against Iran. America wants to try her for bank fraud. The applicant has always denied these allegations.

His lawyers have accused the former US president of “poisoning” the practice by confirming in an interview at the end of 2018 that he would not hesitate to intervene in the proceedings against Ms Meng if it were possible to obtain China’s trade concessions.

This intervention, “Abuses” of Canada and the United States, Ms. They claim that Meng has lost the right to a fair and equitable trial, and they call for the cancellation of the extradition process.

A few days after Ms Meng was arrested during a stop in Vancouver on December 1, 2018, she argued on Wednesday that these words of the former White House tenant were not simple “active comments.” Meng, before the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

They have been “taken over again” and by other members of his government, he stressed.

“The then US president undertook the handover in an attempt to exploit Ms Meng (…) in US trade talks with China,” he said.

“Ms Meng is a bargaining chip, a soldier, in this economic rivalry between the two world powers,” he added.

Attorneys for the Attorney General of Canada have asked the judge to dismiss the allegations, arguing that the statements were “never going to happen” in this case, about possible interference by a president who is no longer in office.

Echoing Beijing’s position, Peck said the United States sought to punish Ms Meng as “part of a concerted and concerted effort by the US government to weaken and destroy Hawaii.”

Relations between Ottawa and Beijing have been in unprecedented crisis since the arrest in China in late 2018 of former Canadian diplomat Michael Gowrick and his comrade Michael Spover, accused of spying, just days after Meng Wanjo.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has always condemned “arbitrary” arrests, accused Beijing on Wednesday of “discovering” a threat to national security to justify their arrest.

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