Meghan Markle is unpopular. “He’s an unconvincing manipulator.”

The world of Twittosphere is racing in the UK: in question, sharp words from financier Ben Goldsmith, who says that if the British do not like Meghan Markle, it has nothing to do with racism. But rather with his personality, according to the Daily Mail.

For Ben Goldsmith, Meghan Markle’s unpopularity with the British has nothing to do with racism…

Corner stone

Attack in order on September 21 on Twitter: Ben Goldsmith, brother of a British government minister, left Meghan Markle, points out daily Mail.

In response to allegations that Prince Harry’s wife has been a victim of racism, the financier has released a series of letters revealing the real reasons he believes Meghan is unpopular in the UK.

If one of the messages is later cleared, the others will remain. Ben Goldsmith first wrote: “We are far from perfect, but in poll after survey, Britons are among the most welcoming and least racist in the world.”

Before giving up: “At first, Meghan was likable. Crowds filled the streets at the wedding party. Meghan isn’t likable because she’s been revealed as a manipulator.”

’emotional cruelty’

The English Journal of Old Files: Buckingham has launched an investigation into allegations of intimidation by the Duchess of Sussex. The palace announced, in June, that the HR policy had been “reviewed”, but without publishing the report following the investigation. Also, according to the Daily Mail, a source claims the royal family would be “terrified” at the idea of ​​offending Meghan and Harry.

According to numerous testimonies from royal aides, the American would have shown “emotional cruelty” towards her staff, when the couple was still living in the UK. One of their employees even went so far as to describe the Sussexes as “scandalous bullies”.

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Lawyers for Meghan and Harry have long denied these accusations and, for the time being, have not wanted to respond to journalists from the media.

If the royal family made a good figure at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, controversies remain strong. One of King Charles III’s challenges would also be to try to reconcile his sons.

according to the pure, the new king had shared several meals with William and Harry during the eleven days of mourning that had just passed. Megan, she was going to write to Charles III to request a meeting. It remains to be seen if he will agree to his request.

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