Megan and Harry: “It was inevitable that this was over” – royal expert

“It was always bound to be the way things ended,” says Victoria Howard, founder of The Crown Chronicles.

“They were not able to keep his subjects, for Harry, in particular, his military associations because the kind of semi-commercial and semi-commercial royal life they wanted was not possible because it would violate this. Our expectations from the royal family that they are not there for the money,”

They wanted to keep their official roles in the military, the arts, the Commonwealth and sporting organizations, but were told they would have to relinquish their positions after discussions with the Queen and members of the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan initially stepped down from the royal family in March 2020 to become more financially independent. Since then, they have signed important agreements with platforms like Spotify and Netflix and have partnered with several charities.


Speaking of her popularity, Victoria said, “Harry and Meghan have really made a place for them in the US. I think they are not going to hold back because of this, it’s a more personal aspect. People want them to do that. Well I want them to be happy. They weren’t and that is why they are not. It ended like this. “

Although Harry and Meghan have confirmed their decision to remain in the United States for their personal and financial freedom, they believe that they can still represent the two organizations.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess said that despite the official severance of ties, they “have offered their continued support to the organizations they represent regardless of their official role.

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“We can all live a life of service.” Service is global.

Buckingham Palace said everyone was “sad” about their decision to leave the royal family permanently, but they remained “very much loved members of the family.”

Maysan Harriman

I think there are definitely tensions and an Oprah interview will tell the extent of those tensions. So it will be interesting to see when it finally airs because they initially said that when they want to leave, they will respect the values ​​of the monarchy and the queen, ”says Victoria.

Who would have played a decisive role in this decision for the royal family?

Perhaps William and Charles were instrumental in getting Harry and Meghan to decide not to be the half of the royal family they want to be. And that may cause some tension. It is a family business, you cannot escape these types of disputes with your family. I really think some crossword puzzles were exchanged.

As the former royals fight, is there a little Archie lost? “Archie is 18 months old and hasn’t spent much time with the father in his family. He has seen the Queen and Prince Philip only several times, and has only met his cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis several times.

“It’s so sad when you think about it, they weren’t happy, they broke up but Archie is the one who will struggle. Growing up without a single big side of his family.

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