Mega Man will side-scroll to Netflix

Maybe Mega Man is taking a big leap very soon. Whispers of a Mega Man-inspired movie have been circulating since 2018, but a source close to IGN told the outlet that Netflix is ​​the latest boss of everyone’s favorite side-scrolling android hunter. This film project won’t be the little blue robot’s first foray into cinema, but it will be the most ambitious yet. So who is Mega Man, and what do we know?

mega man She is a very popular video game character created in the early days of Nintendo. Also known as rock manThe series revolves around the battle for good, represented by Dr. Light and his creation, Mega Man, who fights evil in the form of the infamous Dr. Willie with the help of his evil robot army. The game was first and foremost a fun side-scrolling adventure. While there have been subsequent attempts to make the game more complex, nothing quite beats the original formula. Mega Man will absorb the powers of any evil robot he defeated in battle and be able to use that power in the next boss fight, making it easier if you beat the robots in the correct order. Players will then lose in a final set of stages where you will battle more of Dr. Willie’s creations, such as a giant shape-shifting clay monster, ex-bosses, or giant robot tanks before facing off against Dr. Willie. . Today’s Video

But we don’t know much. Supermarket, a production company working on the film, reported the news to IGN. “Current features include a quote from Capcom’s Mega Man for Chernin Entertainment and Netflix, which they wrote and directed,” a statement on the company’s website read. Mega Man 11 It was released in 2018, and that was shortly after the aforementioned whispers began, linking Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman to the project. Jost released a statement, “We’re very excited about this. I think we’ll have some important news on this soon. I can’t say much at the moment, but it’s a project very close and dear to our hearts and we’re excited.”

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The premise can be very interesting. Mega Man, as noted above, is very popular in video games, but this popularity has not been explored much in other forms of media. The character’s first media appearance was in a show titled Captain N: Master of the Game which first aired in 1989. From there there was a short three-episode one in one anime and two serial attempts, but nothing really new. There is plenty of exploration to do in this fun little franchise. Imagine this scene: Shortly before the COVID-19 protocols, I watched a trans-Siberian orchestra in concert, often wondering what it would be like to see their instrument Treatments winter It exploded in the background while Mega Man was looking for a blizzard man. If you don’t hear the song, close your eyes and listen to it. It’s easy to see a fun adventure that follows the rhythm. Make it Netflix.

We still have a long way to go before such adventures unfold on the streaming device, but hopefully information will start to spread a little more on the subject, perhaps beginning with an official announcement from Netflix. Fans of the franchise, myself included, will be eagerly awaiting all the details to come in the coming months.

The Mega Man movie comes to life with a Batman writer

The Mega Man movie comes to life with a Batman writer

Matson Tomlin was asked to write the live-action movie Mega Man, working for Capcom and Fox.

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