McGee wants to make a new version of the saga “Alice”

Dead Space’s return to next-gen consoles has renewed fan interest in some of the currently “discontinued” video game stories, including “Alice,” a grim review of Lewis Carroll’s literary classic.

After EA announced the return of “Dead Space,” American video game designer McGee expressed his desire to continue his dark-working franchise: “While we (and Alice fans) wish that EA’s next horror project would be Alice’s new game, that at least gives us head start.”

At some point in the future, EA executives will yell, “We need more products! And someone will say, ‘Ain’t it?” and we’ll be ready.

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American McGee plans to make a third installment of his spin-off titled “Alice: Asylum,” explaining via Patreon that he is seeking to develop a production plan that EA can accept and thus achieve a budget through a sponsorship campaign to start development.

American McGee has not yet announced when he can start production of this new installment in the saga. “American McGee’s Alice” was released in 2000 exclusively for PC, using technology from id Tech 3, with EA responsible for its release, using a rudimentary gaming platform.

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In 2011, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users were able to enjoy “Alice McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”. The story tells of how a fire destroyed the Liddell family’s mansion, and Alice was the only survivor. Trapped in a madhouse for years, Alice begins to provide visions of a “Wonderland” under attack by a mysterious force that threatens her entire existence.

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