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(New York) Gloria Steinem has provided the United States with some of the most important figures in the New York feminist movement, from Shirley Sisholm to Bella Apsuk. But the American metropolis is looking for the first mayor, including 109 men and 108 whites from its base.

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Richard Hutt
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Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez is one of the unbelievable New Yorkers in this seamless sequel.

“This country speaks one way, but acts the other way,” says the president of the New York State Nurses Association.

The same goes for Big Apple.

“We say it’s a progressive city, but I’m not sure it’s progressive,” Maya Wiley, the Democratic primary candidate for mayor of New York, held a press conference outside the Montfiore Hospital center in Bronx, where she works.

Photo by Kathy Villains, Archives Associated Press

Maya Wiley (right) is campaigning outside New York Children’s Hospital on May 20

Nevertheless, it is hoped that Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez New York will finally elect a mayor. Above all, his organization has lent its support to lawyers and civil rights activists who have selected one of the most vulnerable areas by COVID-19 to provide medical care expansion program to hundreds of thousands of New-Yorkers, including outlaws. .

“We believe in diversity, but it’s not the only factor,” says the nurse. We are lucky to have a candidate from Maya Wiley of a marginalized race and gender, but who is truly progressive. ”

An important choice

On June 22, the New York Democrats will be called to the polls to choose who will represent their party in the mayoral election next November. Considering the weakness of the running Republican candidates, they will not, more or less, be elected on that day when the successor of Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio will not be able to search for a third term.

Photo by Gina Moon, REUTERS

Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio

The choice of Democrats is important. This comes at a time when the future of New York is in balance. Not only does the city’s economy need to be revived after a devastating epidemic, but the safety of its citizens is being affected by massacres and landslides. The guns, which are associated with the proliferation of gunfire, need to be recovered.

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But this choice may also be historical. Apart from Maya Wiley, there are two other candidates running for mayor among Democrats. One of them, Katherine Garcia, has seen her popularity rise in elections since gaining support New York Times And you Daily News, Who has been praised for his work as head of municipal bodies under the last two administrations.

Photo by Mike Seker, REUTERS

Democratic primary candidate Katherine Garcia

The 51-year-old candidate called for more outspoken support from Liz Absuk, the daughter of feminist icon Bella Absuk, a former New York representative and the first woman to run for mayor of New York in 1977.

It’s time for someone to be [à la mairie] Experienced, I do not know, who understands how to have a baby, being in the conference room and not being asked for your opinions, women.

Liz Absuk, spoke in a Manhattan park on behalf of her mother

Photo by Richard Drew, Associated Press

Liz Absuk, daughter of feminist icon Bella Absuk (left) endorses candidate Katherine Garcia

“Absolutely sexual”

In a poll released last Monday, Katherine Garcia garnered 22% of the vote, with 22% against President Eric Adams, the mayor of Brooklyn, and 15% against former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who lost support. Maya Wiley, 57, was in fifth place with 9% of the vote, 1 percentage point lower than New York’s financial controller Scott Stringer.

  • Andrew Yang

    Photo by Shannon Stapleton, REUTERS

    Andrew Yang

  • Eric Adams

    Photo Brendan MCD Rimit, Archives

    Eric Adams

1/ 2

Before Katherine Garcia’s rise in the election, both Andrew Yang and Eric Adams had said they would not hesitate to nominate him second after their mayoral election.

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“I think he will create a unique partner in my management. He is an experienced operator who can give high value to New Yorkers,” said Andrew Yang, inexperienced Achilles Heel in government affairs.

Katherine Garcia called this kind of talk “absolutely sexual.” “They seem to give me a compliment, but it doesn’t,” he told the press. The New Yorker.

Addressing his comrades-in-arms, he added: “Be very clear: you do not need to lead this government. ”

Christine Quinn, former chairman of the New York City Council and a failed candidate for mayor of New York in 2013, has Dijo Wu sentiment.

I want my story to be unique. That’s why every time I ask if Andrew Yang will make Katherine Garcia a better aide or if Eric Adams will question civil rights lawyer Maya Willie’s knowledge of the police, I like to shout.

Christine Quinn, in a gallery

Progressive support

Maya Wiley wants to repeat the history of the 2013 mayoral race for her own good. That year, Bill de Blasio was surprised to win the Democratic primary for New York mayor. He filled his votes among African Americans and progressives.

Maya Wiley, a former legal adviser to Mayor de Blasio and a former professor at the new school in Manhattan, is known to the public as an analyst on the MSNBC channel. In recent days, he has taken advantage of the plight of his two progressive rivals, Scott Stringer and Diane Morales, to gain the support of some of the most important progressive groups and personalities.

Photo by Sal Lope, Archives Associated Press

Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes

“If we do not unite as a movement, we will have a New York City built by billionaires, and we need a city for working people. So we will make Maya our first choice,” New York Democrat Alexandria Ocacio-Cortes said on the outdoor steps of City Hall last Saturday.

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The question is whether New York Democrats want a left-wing candidate like Maya Wiley. In particular, it proposes to deduct $ 1 billion from the police budget to invest this amount in communities. Very moderately, Katherine Garcia emphasizes her promise to “withdraw guns” in her recent commercials. [des] Streets ”and“ Make sure small businesses are reopened and open ”.

Photo by Timothy A. Clary, France-Press Agency

Gloria Steinem and candidate Maya Wiley in front of a monument to the best female figures at Central Park on May 7.

Can any of them strangle men in New York City Hall? Gloria Steinem, it should be noted, is betting on Maya Wiley.

Not a personal case

New York is not unique. Many major American cities have never elected a mayor. These include Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia and Boston.

Since March 22, Boston has been ruled by a woman named Kim Johnny, but after Mayor Marty Walsh, the current Labor Secretary of the Biden administration, as mayor of Boston, the Boston City Charter. In November he will try to get his own order.

Of the 1,621 mayors in 30,000 and more U.S. cities, 407 or 25.1% are women, according to the American Center for Women and Politics at Rutgers University. Women have been elected mayors of 10 cities with at least half a million people, including Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, Washington and Atlanta.

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