Maxent. The book hut was born in the space of Arben

Since Tuesday, the city has a bookbox underneath the house located in the Arben space, not far from the media library.

This initiative is the result of a project of students of a rural family home in Baulon, at the Sapat Professional Baccalaureate (service to the people and territories), and responds to a desire offered by some residents.

The bookbox, designed with recycled furniture, allows you to handover, exchange or take a book, documentary or magazine and read it in this designated space or take it home.

The representatives of the municipality thanked Chloe, Cindy, Elodie, Priscilla and Priscilla for this project which was implemented as part of the professional work that will count towards obtaining the baccalaureate. The elected officials suggested that they develop this site in their own way. Maxentese residents are encouraged to use this free service and make good use of it.

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Students from the Baulon Rural Family House, accompanied by their mentor and elected officials.

Maxent. The book hut was born in the space of

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