“Max didn’t give me enough space, but what a pleasure to win at Silverstone”

what a day Lewis Hamilton At Silverstone’s ‘own’ circuit: starting from second on the starting grid, the seven-time world champion collided with his rival Max Verstappen In Copse’s corner before winning the British Grand Prix just two hours later.

LH However, he was punished by ten seconds, but managed to climb from fifth to first place after serving her as he passed through the pits.

“Max was very aggressive, we were side by side, he didn’t give me enough space. It didn’t matter if I was ok with that penalty or not, I had to accept it. But what a great feeling. , It was a very tough race physically, He explained Lewis Hamilton into a microphone Jenson Button Once out of his Mercedes. But what a pleasure to win in front of this audience, he is the best in the world! Thank them very much! I am very grateful to them, and I hope they all come home safely. It was a dream to be able to win today in front of my home crowd, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the fantastic teamwork of Valtteri and the work done by the Mercedes team. I’ve given everything this week to get back in the game, and I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together.”

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