Maverick Games is gearing up for a AAA open world with Playground Games alumni

Playground Games, a subsidiary of Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios, is losing several veteran developers to create the independent Maverick Games studio.

Based in Leamington Spa, UK, Maverick Games It is currently developing an original “cutting edge” open world creation for consoles and PC with a talented team consisting of Tom Butcher as Executive Producer, Matt Craven as Technical Lead, Gareth Harwood as Content Director, Fraser Strachan as Audio Director, Ben Penrose as Art Director and Eli Marshall as UX/Director UI. It is also overseen by Creative Director Mike Brown and COO Harinder Sangha.

Mike Brown said:

Our goal is for Maverick Games to be a studio for everyone to enjoy. For gamers, we’re working really hard on an exciting, high-quality title, and for developers, we’re building a home where everyone is encouraged to take risks, to be curious, creative, innovative, and just be themselves. , and above all – being a Maverick (maverick).

Forza is nothing like the Maverick games

Founded with an independent and pioneering spirit as well as a commitment to placing creativity, innovation and the well-being of developers at the heart of its offices, Maverick Games currently has ten employees, with the goal of growing to 140 in the coming months thanks to a strong headcount. Funding granted for the completion of its first project.

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Mike Brown adds:

I would definitely describe myself as an open world specialist, not a driving specialist. Our game will be open world, it will be AAA, it will be premium, it will have the ambition to win all the awards…

Maverick Games wants to adapt to new trends

Mike Brown suggests that the Maverick Games first draft is in sync with the way gamers consume entertainment today, such as Xbox Game Pass, and that it should be designed with the way people expect to enjoy it:

What subscription does for us game creators is that it causes a real battle for the player’s attention. Even with games on Steam… you can buy games like this for cheap, try them out and pay nothing, letting you go straight to the next game. All this means that games really need to be designed in such a way as to make them sell from the very first seconds. After the first part of the game, which must be amazing, you have to keep doing it every time they play. Because you are always fighting for attention. I saw a statistic that says the average time is spent watching a video Tik Tok Three seconds. It’s hard to build a game for three seconds. Maybe it’s impossible. But this access to entertainment, this access to the fun that people have… Games have to be competitive. So we have to create games that always talk to every player, that always give them something to do, that never let them get to that point in the game where everything repeats itself for 15 hours until the credits roll.

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