Matthews ahead of Gretsky and Ovechkin

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As of this writing, Auston Matthews has scored 47 goals in his last 47 games.

This amazing streak started on November 24th and nothing seems to be stopping the star player in Maple Leafs.

Three things will happen soon to Matthews.

First, he would break the record set by the Maple Leafs he shares with Rick Five for most goals in a season (54).

Second, Matthews will become the first player in 10 years, since Stephen Stamkos in 2011-12, to score 60 goals.

And third, Matthews will be the US-born player (excluded Canadian-born Brett Hull, but he holds dual citizenship) and scored the most goals in a single season. The record is currently shared by Jimmy Carson (1987-88) and Kevin Stevens (1992-93) who scored 55 goals in seasons.

These are great feats within Matthews’ reach.

What impresses me the most when I think of Matthews is the speed of his goal.

He has had 253 from 398 games since joining the NHL in 2016, giving him an average of 0.64 goals per game. In the history of the league, he is second only to Mike Bussey and Mario Lemieux, but is ahead of Alexander Ovechkin and Wayne Gretsky.

Average goal per match

in history

1- Mike Posey: 0.76

2- Mario Lemio: 0.75

3- Auston Matthews: 0.64

4- Pavel Bauer: 0.62

5- Alexander Ovechkin: 0.61

6- Wayne Gretzky: 0.60

If he maintains this pace and stays healthy, Matthews could establish himself as one of the top scorers in National Hockey League history.

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