‘Massive exposure’ of ‘invading’ creatures destroys Britain on hot UK days

Large clouds of flying ants have taken over the UK sky as the country is set to record the hottest day of the year so far.

The “massive exposure” of insects caused chaos yesterday, as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds warned people to be careful.

Bugs are sticky and attracted to sugar products, so be sure to clean up any leaksCredit: Alami
The Meteorological Office warned in early July that millions of ants were caught on their radar

The British have been warned that swarms of winged insects will invade the country in the coming days.

Flying ants came as the temperature rose to 32C today as the hot wave continued across the country.

The University of Leeds says the British should be prepared for clouds of winged insects during the hot season.

A spokesman told Mirror: “As the days get hotter, humid and windy, the ants (optionally) will come out of their underground nests and go into their mating plane.

“They come together as large groups as can be seen in weather radar systems.

“At the end of the first week of July there were signs of ants flying in London.


“It is expected to be seen on the south coast in the next two days before the event is seen further north later this month.

As his tweet revealed, swarms of flying ants have been captured by Med Office radar. “

An anxious UK took to Twitter to share how flying insects invaded his home while trying to drink in the evening.

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He tweeted: “Tonight, while I was enjoying a G&D, I noticed another #FlyingAnts AntAntinvasion. Today they came out of the sky cable hole (it is covered on the outside).

“We’re gone normal now. Glad I was there to take care of it. Photo 1 was today, photo 2 was yesterday.”

Meteorological office radar detected flying bugs over London during the Wimbledon and Euro 2020 finals last week.

Rentogil Pest Control reports that Flying Ant Day, which usually lasts several days, is the time when baby ants come out of their nests as companions.

Mini-Beasts Pesky

Experts believe that as temperatures rise, more people across the country will see pests.

Tips for keeping annoying mini bugs out of the house Cleaning up trash, sealing items and looking at ant nests.

Environmental scientist Aidan O’Hanlon says people should leave insects alone and stay indoors during the peak of flying ants.

Other useful tips include cleaning trash cans, closing food containers, and monitoring ant nests.

He said: “They may seem boring, but ants are ecologically essential.

“They provide soil aeration through nesting behavior and serve as a food source for birds, spiders, wasps and other insects during the summer. “

The invasion comes as sun-starved Britain is expected to drop to 32C today as the hot heat wave continues.

It comes after people gathered on the beaches from 7am on Saturday as a blowpipe from the Azores struck the British coast, making it the hottest day of the year so far.

London and the southeast will experience temperatures of around 31 C today.

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Also, for a change, the wonderful weather is being shared across the country.

The Midlands and Yorkshire are hotter today – before the heat moves south.

Sun worshipers flocked to the beaches to use the sun
Sun worshipers flocked to the beaches to use the sunCredit: Kevin Dunnett
The British bathed in the scorching sun yesterday as it is expected to reach even higher temperatures today
The British bathed in the scorching sun yesterday as it is expected to reach even higher temperatures today

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