Masks are mandatory in nineteen municipalities

From this Wednesday, mask-wearing will be mandatory in public places for 19 municipalities. The Governor of Areej, after consulting with elected officials, made this decision regarding the evolution of the pandemic.

Areej Conservative Sylvie Foucher knows she’s drawn a “big target in the back” but hopes there aren’t too many arrows stuck in it. Because the decision announced by the state representative in the department on Tuesday evening will certainly cause an uproar.

In light of the “outbreak” of the Covid-19 epidemic in the district, the prefecture decree imposes, from Wednesday morning until August 15, the return of compulsory mask-wearing in public places in nineteen Arij towns. (reading box). “We relied ourselves on three criteria: population density, tourist attendance according to recent data, and spa attendance,” said Yuan de Balangin, director of services at the governor’s office.

Sylvie Foucher declared that “the situation is deteriorating”, given the evolution of the epidemic’s infection rate since June 30. The data used to measure the number of people who tested positive during the reference week, reported to a population of 100,000, really “exploded.” “Indicators are up 204.20% in seven days,” the governor notes, noting an “unfavorable development” since the beginning of July.

Thus the incidence rate of 7 (per hundred thousand) on June 30 increased to 149 on July 19 and 159.7 on July 20 (yesterday). With a peak observed in younger age groups. As of July 20, the incidence was 378 for those aged 10-20 and 493 for those aged 20-30 when it is ‘only’ 176 for those aged 30-45 and 15 for those aged 65 and over .

The positivity rate (the number of positive tests during the reference week, compared to the number of tests performed) also increased sharply. It rose 211% from the previous week to stand at 4.8% on July 20. “It was 3.54% during the week of July 2-8, with 54 positive out of 3,394 tests performed,” Edith Izquierdo Jam, deputy director of the Ariège delegation at ARS Occitanie, notes that during the current week, 173 cases have been detected. New out of 3136 tests performed.

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“I don’t want September and October to be affected which are important months for the economy of the constituency. That is why I have taken in agreement with the elected officials of the constituency. (Read elsewhere, editor’s note), This decision is the obligation to wear a mask on the street. Otherwise, we will have to take stricter measures,” the governor of Areej insists.

“We had some happy moments and the vaccination was going well,” concludes Sylvie Foucher. “But there, I’m going to fail in my mission to do nothing.” He therefore calls for “educating the population. Otherwise, we will have to take tougher measures.”

She still has one hope: vaccination numbers. In fact, the department’s eleven centers recorded 12,000 appointments made within 24 hours after the head of state’s speech, and 24,000 appointments in one week. And with the call of city doctors and nurses (read below)It still needs to be increased…

Catherine Gentoli: “The doctor must remain at the heart of the system”

The Chair of the Medical Union District Council, Catherine Gintoli is one of the co-signers, with the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the Province of Arij, the District Council of the Nurses’ Union, and the Regional Union of Health Professionals (URPS) of Occitanie, of a “Call for Vaccination”. The aim is to encourage city doctors and nurses to participate in the vaccination campaign “to support and add to the vaccination centers in the province”.

“It is imperative that the doctor stays at the center of the device,” says Dr. Gintoli, who hopes this “call for nominations” will be well received by his colleagues. “It is true that managing the logistics will be a bit complicated but the doctors will get the vaccines,” the practitioner notes, adding that, unlike what happened at the start of the vaccination campaign, “there is no fear of exposure, according to the ARS, about lack of doses.”

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In addition, and this is a significant novelty, the attending physicians will be able to access the list of their unvaccinated patients. “The goal is for every practitioner to be able to contact these people to try to convince them of the benefit of vaccination. But our role will never be to ‘monitor’ these patients,” asserts the head of the Physicians’ Union Council by acknowledging that ‘some’ of his colleagues are not openly in favor of vaccination against Covid- 19.

According to the press release, these are “Pfizer potions that can be made available” to the doctors and nurses who will respond to this call.

“The majority of citizens are waiting for this to stop.”

On Monday and Tuesday, the Governor of Areej consulted with the elected officials of the constituency. She says she found unanimous support. Evidence of this is the presence, at his side, of Christine Teke, President of Areej County Council, and Norbert Miller, Mayor of Foix and President of the Union of Mayors and Elected Officials of Areej.

“We have always worked side by side with the state to combat this epidemic,” he called out in the choir of local elected officials. “The numbers are telling. Therefore, we will do everything we can to protect the arigoa,” emphasized the department’s executive head, acknowledging: “The mask is a necessary evil, but it will make it possible to avoid the cessation of economic activity and social life.”

To his side, Norbert Miller brings the point home: “If we do nothing, the consequences will be dire. It will have an impact on the economy that operates all year round, but also – and this is important at this time – on the tourist economy.” The mayor of Foix also reflects on the impact a possible reunification could have on “all areas of coexistence and community life”.

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“We are very vigilant about what is happening on the ground, because we know that there will be reactions to these measures. But we must not forget that the majority of citizens are waiting for this to stop because they demanded doses of vaccines”, he assures the head of ADM 09 warning: “It is the so-called silent majority but Contrary to what may be said, it is not without thought.”

The nineteen municipalities involved

Here is the list of the 19 municipalities in Arig who are obligated, as of Wednesday, to wear a mask in public, Foa and three municipalities in its metropolitan area: Ferrer-sur-Arege, Montgilhard and Saint-Paul. -De-grat. In addition, still according to the criterion of population density, Pamir and its neighbors Saint-Jean-de-Valga and La Tour de Creux, as well as La Villanet, Larroque d’Aulis, Saint-Jéron and Tarascon-on-Arig. The list was completed, according to the criteria of tourist frequency, by the municipalities of Mas d’Azil, Merabois, Saint-Lizard and Six. The municipalities of Aix-les-Thermes, Oustes and Ornolac-Ossat-les. -Bains and Aulus-les-Bains.

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