Masks are mandatory from the age of six in public


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In the face of the increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19, the government has decided to adopt a new measure. From Monday January 3rd Children over six years old are required to wear a mask in many public institutions.

From Monday, January 3, it will not only be mandatory to wear a mask in class, for children over six years old, but also in some public places. “I’m used to it, a little girl blows up. I wear it on the street, in the city.” This measure applies to public transportation, institutions open to the public, sports stadiums and places of worship. The decision was explained by pollution figures: in mid-December, the infection rate among 6-10-year-olds exceeded that of other age groups, and was twice that of adults.

A bystander comments, “Youngsters are carriers of the virus, so yes, that’s important.” According to experts, there are no medical contraindications to this new rule. “As far as I know, there has not been any study that has shown an adverse effect (…). The fact that they are made to wear a mask in enclosed spaces can make it possible to reduce this transmission.”Professor Philip Amwell, an epidemiologist, details.

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