Mars Bleu, a movement intended to grow in the Landes.

“Checking participation numbers should improve!”exclaims Dr. Denise Smith, head of the Regional Coordination Center for Cancer Screening in New Aquitaine (CRCDC-NA). And for good reason, despite the improvement in participation between the 2019-2020 and 2021-2022 campaigns, the latter lingers. “Insufficient” According to the health facility. In fact, in New Aquitaine, it is estimated that 34.6% of the people involved are packing.

He added that increasing this participation by 65% ​​would prevent 647 deaths. More than ever, we must mobilize for life and participate in raising awareness of as many people in Nouvelles Aquitaine as possible about the benefits of screening.”continues Benjamin Ganduet, Director General of CRCDC-NA.

Every work carried out on earth is carried out thanks to everyone’s cohesion and support

In the Land, the participation rate is estimated at 38.2%. In order to increase this number, several Landes structures will be involved during the month of March: hospitals and clinics, as well as associations, public bodies, etc. For example, the Cancer League is organizing a ‘colon tour’; a visit to an inflatable building in Soustons on March 24th.Adds Dr. Remozon, chair of the Cancer League’s Landes Committee. This meeting will also be available in digital format for those who are unable to attend.

But it will not be the only event in March with a total of 12. Although some of them have already taken place in Tarnus, Saint-Martin-de-Senanx, Dax and Mont-de-Marsan, others are programmed in these same communes, as in Hagetmau and Saint- Paul-lès-Dax, Soustons, and Tartas. Campaign ends March 30th. “Each action carried out on the lands of Landes is made possible by the cohesion of the partners and the support of everyone, including the local political actors whose commitment we have been able to see on our side on numerous occasions.”CRCDC-NA develops in a press release.

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