Mark Zuckerberg wants to “harm” Apple

After they became the best friends in the world, Apple and Facebook started hitting each other. In question, the collection and use of data, which the two companies are fundamentally opposed to. When the builder Tighten the screw When a user is monitored, the social network launches a file Press campaign “To save small businesses,” he threatens with Submit a complaint against monopoly Against apples.

Credits: Dinar weasel, CC BY 2.0 / DR

Meanwhile, the war of words intensified. In a long summary of the bickering between the two groups, the Wall Street Journal He explains That Mark Zuckerberg is privately asking his troops. ” Wound To Apple for abuse that the manufacturer inflicts on the social network. how do you do that? Apple devices are very popular and that’s not a priori This project is related to the clock This will change a lot.

Facebook founder and president has a small idea that hasn’t been put into practice. So he would have suggested his teams prefer Android to launch new services. Hence, Google’s mobile operating system will benefit from its iOS exclusivity window. But so far, the suggestion, which Mark Zuckerberg has repeated many times, has gone unheeded.

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