Mark Cavendish warns Evenpole: “The Tour in 2023? He has more to lose…”

Since his cycling world championships in Australia, after a real demonstration, Remco Evenepoel has received many congratulatory messages. Especially from many of his fellow (former) cyclists. They are reunited for the podcast “The Move” by Lance Armstrong; Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Jan Ulrich and Johan Bruinell gave their opinion of the Belgian champion’s performance.

“First of all, congratulations Remco. He rode a perfect race and is still very young”Ulrich began, “My advice is not to gain too much weight this winter…this has always been my problem”remembers the 1997 Tour de France winner when he was just 21 years old. “Remko wins what he wants, and after a big lap he won the world championship. He will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders next year. But he has a good team around him, good friends and he will get married. Those are important things in life.”

Squeezing Remco Evenepoel’s Shoulders: That’s exactly what his Quick Step colleague Mark Cavendish worries: “Well we all know he knows how to handle pressure. But he’s Belgian, isn’t he! It’s a big difference to me, Bradley (Wiggins), Lance (Armstrong) or Jan (Ulrich). For us, cycling isn’t ‘great’ in the UK Or the United States or Germany. When Remko arrived he was really good but he was dividing opinions. Not least because of his candor. This year more and more people like him. But cycling is huge in Belgium. And people will also have to support him when things don’t go the way they are. okay.”

An opinion shared by Sir Bradley Wiggins: “It’sRight. In Belgium they are looking for the new Eddy Merckx, as in France they are looking for the new Hinault and in the United States, the new Lemond. Now, Evinball is a world champion at the age of 22, like Merckx. Especially since he won the Merckx and won the Grand Tour.” What Belgium has been waiting for 44 years and Johan de Moynck who won the 1978 Giro.

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When asked if Remco Evenepoel is due to race in next year’s Tour de France, Mark Cavendish expressed his reservations: “I have a feeling he has a lot to lose. If he participates, he may win but he may not be ready either. He is really strong and if we say: ‘Remco, you’re going in the Tour,’ he wins. Do everything to be ready. Remco manages the pressure very well, but in Round, there is another thing again in terms of expectations. These are coming from the outside.”

And with the world champion’s jersey draped over his shoulders, Evenepoel’s slightest actions and gestures would surely be scrutinized at Grande Boucle.

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