Marine Le Pen inspired by Netflix? These details were spotted by Yann Bartesse

The race for the Elysee has begun for Marine Le Pen. After her defeat in the second round of the presidential election in 2017, the candidate of the National Rally will run again in 2022. In order to impress the French, she has already launched her campaign and over the weeks has presented her ideas for the future of France.

On Tuesday, September 14, Yann Barthes wanted to highlight the details that challenged him in a Marine Le Pen correspondence. “The visual identity is still beautiful this year. There is no first or last name for the candidate, no generic, no logo, nothing‘, he started to conjure up Marine Le Pen’s poster. Host day to day Then (TMC) pointed to the site of the National Assembly candidate, which strongly invokes the popular broadcasting platform. “Just a website address refers you to the only visual identity of this campaign. Marine Le Pen campaign logo. Will you recognize?He released it before revealing it in the video.

In fact, it’s hard not to see Netflix’s famous animated logo, peppered with the inevitable “toudouum.” “All it really lacks is the sound. If I were a Netflix user, I wouldn’t be happy if a far-right party took over my logo for electoral purposesYan Barhes added.

Aurelien Gaucher

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