Marie-Yves Decayer ‘better equipped’

Marie-Yves Dekaere will head off to boot camp for a confidence-packed 2nd unit fight, believing she can use her loss to Clarissa Shields last year to her advantage.

Quebecers will travel to Manchester, UK, to cross the Swords with local favorite Natasha Jonas on November 12. The IBF, WBC, WBO and The Ring titles will be on the line. His clan expects you to be booed, but the experience in Flint, Michigan certainly prepared him.

There will also be a huge difference between these two battles. Her first attempt at consolidation, she lived it only in the company of Yvonne Michel and St├ęphane Laroche due to travel restrictions. This time, she’ll fly to England a week early, and she’ll do so with her entire team.

“We always say it: When you test it once, you’re always better prepared to face the situation next time,” Decayer said confidently during Thursday’s news conference in Boazbriand. I guess it was a Forgotten Pass, but I’m going to take on this great adventure with all my repertoire.

the enemy

Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) has seen the loss of many of her foals in important battles in the UK. This time, he made sure to get fair treatment because there would be another British and Canadian judge and one from a third country.

The heroine still has to mentally prepare herself for everything that will surround the fight because she will be the enemy on the day of the showdown.

“For boxers, when it’s time to enter the ring, some will feel scared, but I know Mary is the type of boxer who will be fueled by that energy,” despite coach Samuel Decari Darwish advancing.

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Kipker, who has been inactive since regaining her FIFA title against Cynthia Lozano last December, said she took her time to recover well from the injuries sustained during her recent fights.

“We knew we needed that time to get back on my feet and be the best version of myself in the most important battles of my career,” she explained.


Dicaire was called in to compare the Shields and Jonas, and he also argued that it would be an entirely different challenge. In fact, Shields fell into a category when they crossed swords with Dicaire, while Jonas are more accustomed to evolving in lower weight classes.

“These are two completely different challenges,” she said. Jonas is a left-handed boxer. You usually fight in a lower weight class, so maybe a little more speed, maybe a little less physical strength.

Either way, your Decayer will be ready. Hope to realize a dream by uniting belts, and doing so in a city with a rich boxing history like Manchester fills it with happiness.

“A little Saint-Eustache girl, out of nowhere, who will play in the main event in Manchester for four belts…Me, that speaks to me!”

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