Maren Lorvillen’s advice to strengthen her memory

Like the rest of the body, our brains are better when we are healthy. Once again, it has been proven that physical activity Many benefits. move more Reducing the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. How is that ? by allowing Improve brain oxygen and the formation of new neurons.

Good sleep is absolutely essential for memorizing information. The brain secretes memories overnight. And therefore Good sleep enhances focus Focus enhances memorization.

L ‘Food also plays a major role on brain function. We know that the Mediterranean diet is ultimately the best diet for health. It is rich in fish, vegetables and good oils.

In this sense, some foods are special Interesting for the brainIt contains good, omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found in fatty fish, salmon, mackerel and herring. The oilseeds Nuts are a good ally, just as well as oils that are good for cooking: olive oil, soybean oil, and walnut oil. We also need resourcesFolic acids, which we call vitamin B9, so it is preferable to prefer liver, lentils, vegetables, beans, broccoli, spinach … and finally rich products carotenoid, So all orange foods should be a part of your diet.

How does your mind work?

We often say The brain is like a muscle And that’s right. You have to practice to get better. Memory is stimulated by freshness. So learning a new musical instrument, a foreign language, reading novels, playing is also a good waypreserve neurons.

In practice, there is also a lot of advice for retaining certain information, for example by associating places, things and names. And a little technique to easily remember the shopping list For example, we’ll create what we call body profile. We will use our bodies to store every food or thing we want to buy.

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The trick to remember the phone number

It’s easier to remember the phone number when you’re doing itAdd the numbers together. It’s hard to remember 202775013 from 2027 75013, you have to cut out the number.

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