March Madness: an outcome no one expected

March Madness lived up to its title on Friday when the Purdue Boilermakers were upset by the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights.

It is only the second time in high school college basketball history that a 16th-ranked team has eliminated the top seed from its share of the draw.

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The Knights held on for the win, 63-58, meanwhile, sending shock waves across the United States.

This victory is unique since this New Jersey-based team entered the main draw through the back door. Lost in the Northeast Conference Finals, but Merrimack University was ineligible to participate in the March Madness due to an NCAA rule.

Before the start of the tournament, Bordeaux was the fourth team with the best chance of winning the highest trophy, according to bookmakers.

Furthermore, no one could correctly predict the March Madness final table appearance according to ESPN. The American network has collected at least 20 million predictions.

Defeats of the Arizona Wildcats (2) and Virginia Cavaliers (4) in the first round particularly hurt fans’ expectations.

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