Marble Mania: TF1 takes on the new look of John de Mol

Info @ TF1 team continues to shop. After their recent acquisition of “Game of Talents,” an entertainment program for Fremantle soon hosted by Jerry, the Ara Aprikian group according to our information acquired “Marble Mania”, a family game consisting of a soccer competition by John De Mol, the creator of “Big Brother and The Voice.

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As mentioned last January, the specialized date“, TV legend, through his company Talpa, launched the program in his native Netherlands two months ago. It is broadcast on his laboratory channel SBS6. At its inception, the game collected 1.4 million viewers in a country of 17 million people. The market share was 22.8% between the ages of 18-44,” An average of 22.5% over the course of a year, its broadcast became the channel’s biggest success in five years, enough to entice the TF1 channel that hopes with Marble Mania to be able to work on the popular “shared listening” – understanding across generations – and the one after it Currently all French audiovisual groups.

Celebrities and Marbles

In the Netherlands, Marble Mania is a marble show in which three celebrities compete against each other. Each round begins with a test of skill, such as bowling or mini golf. The three celebrities must then prove their skills in order to win the most balls to start Round Two: Game of Luck, which consists of a race of balls focused on speed, gravity and hence … luck. The celeb whose ball crosses the finish line first wins the most points. After three rounds, the celebrities leading the leaderboard receive the most balls to participate in the Final, where celebrities can earn money for an association of their choice.

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Perhaps these game rules will be tweaked in the French version that Satisfaction, Arthur’s production company, will actually be behind many TF1 entertainment like “District Z” or “The Tourist” or “Friday, everything. So.” The “Marble Mania” format has already been exported to Germany (RTL) and Belgium, and may soon arrive in the US where Talpa is in discussions with several broadcasters. On TF1, it will be broadcasting in prime time, in advance of several numbers. It is currently unknown who will host it.

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